How To Grill Steak


How To Grill Steak

Grilling a steak is a subtle art of cooking. No matter if you are preparing the steaks for yourself or for the family or friends. It becomes a satisfaction for the people looking at the expressions enjoying their handmade grilled steak. It is not much difficult to prepare a fresh juicy and perfectly seared steak even in the backyard of your own house. Steak is a symbolic feast and a beautiful thing to enjoy whether over a fancy lunch or over a romantic dinner. The journey from being an amateur steak cooking person to a pro steak chef, it becomes very interesting.

There are few key ingredients that becomes an identity of the particular steak type from a particular chef. If you would refer the recipes from different chefs, you would notice few slight ingredient differences and that becomes a secret call for the unique taste.  Some of the secrets to make a perfect grilled steak are, know your meat properly. The better you know the meat, the better you would be able to cook it and grill it to perfection. Sometimes, being a little too soft requires less barbeque time while hardened one requires more heat to cook. Always try to pick the best steak you can afford as then it would be fresh and the most tempting pick.

You can make a preference amongst a bone meat or aa boneless meat too. According to many experts, a bone-in meat is a better choice as that inherits a more flavour, though many tend to pick a boneless as the cooking time reduces without the bone. Though it has come to a notice that when it is about steak the cooking time between the two variety barely differs. The marination is the most important aspect to consider as, even though steak is flavourful itself, but adding more spices and seasonings a day in advance so that it could penetrate deeper in the meat and gives more flavours.

If you want the neat and brownest surface of your grilled steak, you must let the surface of the meat get dry as much as possible as this is a best way to achieve a beautiful crust. You can do this, by placing the meat on the refrigerator’s rack, uncovered for atleast a day.

I understand, how irresistible it gets when you can get the flavoured odour from the grilling steak and the way it looks so tempting. But this must not distract you from cooking the best grilled steak, as the best one is not cooked over a high flame. It is not a good way to give a good sear. You must heat it slowly and finish the best possible steak.

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