Who Makes the Best Australian Beef Jerky?

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Who Makes the Best Australian Beef Jerky?

Have you been to Australia and picked up beef jerky that you finished one after another? Do you think beef jerky made here is much better than what you bought in other parts of the world? Here are the reasons why we have to be proud of making the best jerky.

The best beef jerky makers are from Australia

The meat

the first and the foremost question you want to ask is what type of beef jerky you should purchase. The best jerky is from the flank steak. The beef jerky from this part of the steak will undoubtedly turn out costly, but it will be one of the tastiest that you have ever had in your life. If you are getting your beef jerky commissioned by someone, you could even opt for the eye of round or the London broil.

Go for the leanest cut

Beef with a lot of fat on it cannot help you if you are watching your weight. The lean cuts make a nice thin strip compared to ones with a lot of fat on them. If you don’t choose the cut’s choice, it is a good idea to check out the jerky that has the least amount of fat on it. More fat can also mean lesser shelf life because it helps to turn in rancid quicker.

Jerky Thickness

The jerky should be thin, as thin as possible. The best possible thickness is about 1/8 inches.

Jerky Texture

If you like chewier jerky, opt for the one where the meat is sliced with the grain. On the contrary, if you are looking for an easier tenderer jerky, your meat must be sliced against the grain.

Jerky Flavour

The marinade is as important as the quality of the meat and the cut. A lot of store-bought jerkies can be extra sweet. If you would like your beef jerky to be savory, you may want to check out the label to see the ingredients in the marinade. Most marinades have soy sauce, hot and sweet sauce, barbeque source, and Worcestershire sauce. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you may want to steer away from putting that package into your cart.

There are many beef jerky manufacturers in Australia to choose from

If you happen to go to the supermarket or the liquor store, or the gas station, the chances are that you are going to see tens of racks of beef jerky in numerous flavors. You will be spoilt for choice because some of the flavors are so creative and exotic that they are irresistible.

Some of the best beef jerky makers in Australia include

  1. Kooee Snacks – All natural
  2. The Jerky Co – Jerky and Biltong
  3. Bigwig Jerky – Homemade Jerky style
  4. Aussie Beef Jerky
  5. The Biltong Man
  6. Heavenly Jerky – Lots of flavours
  7. Barossa Fine Foods.

Trust beef jerky for your 4 AM clock hunger pangs

Are you on a diet and looking to eat only nutritious snacks? Beef jerky may be the thing for you. They are just right for snacking at any time of the day, especially the time between lunch and dinner. The best things about beef jerky are that it is portable and it has a longer shelf life. Both these awesome qualities mean that you can carry them with you anywhere, even to the office!

All good and nothing bad

Apart from satiating your mini hunger, beef jerky is full of protein and contains the least amount of carbohydrates and fat. They have 58 grams of proteins for every 100 grams serving and can be helpful if you plan on doing intense workout. The protein in the beef jerky helps in muscle recovery.

There is no water in it because it is dehydrated before packaging. Once you open the packaging, make sure to transfer the contents into an air-tight container and/or refrigerate it. Like all other food, beef jerky is susceptible to mold and can spoil due to oxidation. If you notice the color, appearance, or smell to be different, do not hesitate to dispose.

You cannot trust all beef jerky manufacturers

It is possible that you can order your jerky beef stock online. There are tens of websites in Australia. They cater to customers across the nation. This means all you need to do is an order with a click of the mouse, and the beef jerky will land at your doorstep.

A word of caution is necessary here. Not all beef jerky manufacturers follow ethical business practices. To maximize their profits, they can go in for a cheap variety of meat and not follow the best hygienic manufacturing practices.

A lot of beef jerky manufacturers add artificial colors and preservatives to make their products look good. It also adds to their longer shelf life. It is a good idea to read up on the company you intend to order and check out the customer reviews.

Final word

When it comes to healthy snacking in Australia, there is nothing beyond beef jerky. This national snack has a great fan following in the continent. The rule of the thumb is to go for a manufacturer with a good reputation or someone that is not a newbie in the trade. If you find anything wanting in the products in terms of quality and taste, go for the other well-known brands.

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